Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A bit of our life in Cayambe and how God is at work!

 God is at work in Ecuador, in Primero de Mayo, in Cayambe, in us!  Here's a bit of our life and our testimony of God's work:
Flowers from a new friend - new neighbors.  God is giving us great opportunities to meet and befriend neighbors and store-keepers in Cayambe!
Hospitality - God is using our home for His service!  Eleven guys from the Primero de Mayo Youth Group spent the night in our living room and weekly 7 women meet here for Bible Study and training as Bible Study leaders!
We had great meetings with our Crossworld President and his wife, with our International Director (who spent two nights with us!) and with most of the Crossworld-Ecuador team!
Our new beds arrived too late for our International Director to enjoy, but we love them!
We're also pleased that God is building a friendship between Glenn and the man who made our new furniture!
CHANGE OF PACE...let's go on a walk!  Because we have yet to purchase a vehicle, we walk alot!  Here is what we see on our approx 1 mile walk back from the city of, farm animals and the "cobblestoned" streets!
These sheep graze on the hill between a local school and a soccer field.
Our buddy - who paused from eating long enough to grunt at us!
There are so many beautiful old homes in Cayambe and on our walk home!
We're getting closer to home now - that's our apartment building up ahead on the left- but we keep our eyes on the grass so to avoid stepping in cow pies!
Right before we open the gate to our apartment building, we visit our newest neighbors - 3 lambs have been added to the fold!  They remind us of God's work in the Primero de Mayo church - where 3 new believers have just been added to God's Kingdom!  Praise God with us and please pray for Diana, Werner and Laura!
Home sweet home!  After our walk back from Cayambe, we climb up to the top floor and are happy to be home!  Thanks for walking this journey with us - especially as we seek to bring God's love to life here in Cayambe, Ecuador!