Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Awesome Visit and part of our Ecuador Orientation with our daughter, Rachel!

Rachel visited us here in Ecuador from Aug are some fotos of the time God gave us together - in no particular order!
Rachel - enjoying her vacation!

Glenn and Rachel went horsebackriding!

Rachel and Susie just b4 doing the Canopy - yes, I was scared!

Rachel agreed to zipline first and Glenn went last so he could takes the fotos!

I was smiling - but scared stiff!  I ONLY did this b/c I promised Gissela I would!

double proof - I really did the canopy!

The after zipline/canopy hammock rest!
Visitng Las Cascadas de Peguche with the Vivas family!
Glenn and Rachel got super close to the Peguche waterfall!
We took a tour of an indigenous cave and Condor Rock!
Visiting the Peguche campgrounds
Rachel and Dayana
back in the Peguche parking lot...Rachel finds more animals to befriend!
Rachel helped make our house a home with her amazing meals...
and by making "curtains" out of Susie's birthday roses!
We toured Cochasqui and saw the pre-Inca pyramids and this reconstructed home
on one of our two LONG walks...Glenn and Rachel race to pick fruit!
Rachel brought Elmo everywhere....and missed her boyfriend who gave Elmo to her for the trip!
Rachel meeting our neighbors across the street!
At the Las Octavas festival with friends from church!
Rachel decorated an action packer for us so we could entertain guests the nite we got our sofa-bed!
We had special mom/daughter times here - watching Gilmore Girls!
that's Rachel bundled up on the left - with David Meyer and some youth - about to climb Mt Cayambe!
Glenn and one youth climbed the highest - over 15,000 feet!
Glenn's view from where he hiked to on Mt Cayambe - that's Rachel and Susie way below!
After  being super cold on Mt Cayambe, the next day we went to the beach with the church-planting team!
Pablo and Glenn made a sand dolphin so Rachel and I wouldn't be afraid of dolphins after our scare!
Beach roomies - Rachel, Estefany and Gissela
At the beach in Same...missing Josh!
Next we took a bus to Rio Muchacho Organic Farm - our open air room!
The dining area - the food was amazing!
Rachel did the tour and got to see and taste the fresh coffee beans - they're sweet on the outside!
The view from our Rio Muchacho bedroom- SO peaceful!
Rachel making chocolate - a happy girl!  She shared with us - delicious!
The steep steps to our bedroom- saving space!
Our 2nd LONG walk - this time with luggage!
Elmo joined us for the walk- so Rachel was content!
Our final trip with Rachel was to Mindo - we stayed in a treehouse!
No hot water and the house moved when you walked - but it was beautiful!
Another set of steep stairs!
The best part of our time in Mindo was this hot tub...our treehouse cabin in back!
The sunset from our treehouse - amazing!
we all tasted "chicha" - a fermented corn drink- at the Las Octavas festival
with Estefany -at Las Octavas - notice the Phillies hat :)
 some of the many traditional dancers at Las Octavas

The Primero de Mayo church-planting team on our team-building retreat!  This is why we're here...thanks for your prayers!  

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