Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 with the Primero de Mayo Church

We started out the month with a teen girls' "pijamada" to introduce the new Bible Study groups          
and to just enjoy being together - eating spaghetti!

The highlight of the month was the church's baptism service...let's head there together...

Glenn preached on baptism...

Eleven people were baptized!

Here's our new church treasurer being baptized by Pablo and Glenn!
Of course we had great food...
and TONS of fun!  Soccer...
Ecuavoli (Glenn has been learning by watching since we moved here and finally got to play!)
and tossing people in the pool - "involuntary baptisms" !  We had a great day!
We were honored to host the celebration of Carlito's birthday!
We had a sports day...futbol first but THEN "American Futbol!" was requested!  The teens learned quickly and played well!

Gissela led a teacher training in her home...
the same Saturday that the men had a "minga" to get Diana's family set up in their new Primero de Mayo home!
We had our first Guagua de Pan...store bought..
Glenn had fun decorating it!
God blessed us with a vehicle - Vicente was SO helpful in the process!
Susie is enjoying her Bible Studies with the teen girls (and with the women!)
We ended the month by celebrating Pastor Appreciation Day.  Pablo and David and their wives, Lourdes and Brenda, were honored and personally thanked for their labor of love!  God has blessed us as a church!                                   



  1. Nice to see what you are doing! Sweet ride also!


  2. So glad things are going well!! I miss you guys a lot!! Love you!!!


  3. Always good to see your smiling faces reflecting the joy of the LORD, even from many miles away. Grace and peace to you from NY!