Monday, April 30, 2012


The month of April started with Glenn teaching at our Bible Institute's chapel time. The text was Psalm 32 and Glenn here was using the large black duffel on his back to represent the burden of sin.
Then we celebrated Good Friday as a church.  The youth presented a drama and MANY family members and friends came to the service!  What a blessing!
That same night, Glenn and I went to observe Cayambe's Good Friday procession.  We were amazed at how many people participated and observed the procession!
The focus seemed to be on darkness and death... here, where Christ is in a casket. At our church we focused on Christ's resurrection and life - and the new life He offers to those who place their trust in Him!
The youth had some days off for the Easter holiday so Glenn joined them in visiting Cascada San Rafael - the largest waterfall in Ecuador!
There were MANY special birthdays in the month of April, but the most memorable celebration was at the Alcivar house...
Jessica, the birthday girl, asked her parents if she could have a party with just her friends from church...even tho her parents are not yet a part of our church family...
they not only agreed to host the party in their home, but allowed our church's worship band to play and we all sang praises to God together!  Jessica shared her party with one of the other "quinceñeras", who is also another Jessica!

The month ended with Glenn once again teaching - this time in Chaupimolino.  What a joy it was for us to help out our friends Darwin and Nelly as Darwin was preaching elsewhere, and to be with the friends we've made at this church! 

But the highlight of April was when on the 27th, Victor came to our house and asked how he could apply all he'd been reading about with Glenn in the book of John, and hearing about at our church!  Victor made the decision to place his faith in Christ for salvation!  He has a SUPER happy girlfriend and church family!  God is SO good!


  1. Very cool. God is good!

    Grace and peace and continued blessings,

  2. He IS good! Praying for you and yours now...for God's protection, provision, guidance, peace...In Him - Susie