Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012 - USA and Ecuador

Due to Glenn's dad's ongoing health needs, Glenn made plans to be in the USA for a few weeks to help stabilize things and assure that his parents could safely and more easily live on their own while we continued our ministry in Ecuador.  After making Glenn's flight arrangements, Glenn's dad was hospitalized and he arrived home just the day before both Glenn, and our daughter, Rachel, arrived in Florida.  It was a blessing for Rachel to be with Glenn and with her grandparents before she left for Australia!
Mom and Dad Wittmann with Rachel
Glenn used his free flight from May to go to PA for 5 days to work on our house and to help Rachel move out of her apartment.
Glenn spent his first night in PA with Josh - at his house in Philadelphia!
Glenn then moved to Susie's sister's house - which is right down the street from the house we are renting!  George Keyes and Jack Russell helped work on our house, as did Paul and Luke Orcutt, and Rich Scully!  Marcie Witmer even brought lunch one day!
Both Glenn and Rachel enjoyed time with Aunt Gail...
and everyone enjoyed the visit from Laurie and Heidi Sadio!
During the five days that Glenn was in PA, his dad had two very difficult days in Florida, and 
both Glenn and his family decided that someone needs to live with Glenn's parents.  Glenn and Susie prayed and counseled with their church and mission leaders, and decided that we will leave Ecuador on Nov 6, 2012 for an indefinite period of time to help Glenn's parents.  Glenn returned to Ecuador on Oct 25 and we began the emotional process of saying goodbye...

The youth group had a hike the Saturday after Glenn arrived and we were able to talk with many of the youth individually about the decision we made...
Salvador, Vigny, David, Susi and Laura
Vigny, David and Marlon
Laura, Susi, Paola and Kataryn
Marlon led us in worship and David taught...a great day!
Later that night, Susie met with Reina and Lupita and encouraged them to continue the women's evening Bible Study in the city of Cayambe...
After sharing with the men at the Bible Study in Primero de Mayo, Glenn and the men joined us!
On Sunday, after talking individually with many in our church, we went to Gissela's parents home, to say goodbye to this very special family!

On Monday we went out to lunch with another super special family - the Echeverrias.  Vicente and Fanny will continue to host the Cayambe men's Bible Study, and Fanny will lead the Cayambe women's Bible Study.
We also stopped to visit Yoly, at the store where we met her and her husband, and made plans to get together to say goodbye.

On Tuesday morning, Susie had her last day (at least for awhile) of volunteering in the Social Work Department of the Cayambe Hospital.  Susie has enjoyed working with Maria Judith since January and more recently with Maria Arias.
That afternoon we went out to lunch with yet another amazing family - the Vivas'.  This family has been a huge blessing to us and to the Primero de Mayo church!

Glenn had a special Bible Study with the men in Cayambe at Vicente's house.  We're thankful that our co-worker, David Meyer, will take over the leadership of the study and that Vicente will continue to host it in his home.

You're prayers are greatly appreciated as we continue our goodbyes, our packing, moving our things to Crossworld's storage area here in Ecuador, and moving to Florida for an indefinite period of time!

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