Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A quick look at April 2013 in Florida!

April in Florida!  We had two birthdays, two visitors and MANY ministry opportunities!

The month started out with a great visit from one of our friends from the Waynesboro, PA church - Linda McFarland!  She was able to visit with us in our home AND attend the Sunday morning Spanish worship service!  What a blessing!

Then we celebrated Glenn's birthday!  Susie heard that our close friend, David Groh, would be in the area and together they surprised Glenn on his birthday night...what a great way to celebrate!
Next we celebrated Glenn's Mom's 8oth birthday as a family!

The "girls"!  Jessica Pettitt, our niece; Susie; Mom Wittmann; and Laurie Pettitt - Glenn's sister!
Glenn's parents - Dad Wittmann is now 82 1/2 and Mom Wittmann is 80!
Throughout the month we continued in one on one discipleship, in English classes for the Hispanic population, and Glenn helps out with the Spanish classes for church and community members.  We also were very involved in the 'Got Fruit' Evangelism efforts of our church - something our Hispanic Church members have actively been a part of!
Every Tuesday evening we join with other church members for a light dinner...
followed by a time of evangelism training and encouragement.
We then break into teams, get our Spanish Bibles and the names and directions for those we're to visit...and we head out!  The Spanish ministry usually sends out 2-4 teams and we follow up Hispanic contacts made at the March Egg Drop!
The teams all meet back at the church, to share stories and praise God together before heading home for the night!  (by the way the man on the left is Fico - whom Glenn just started to disciple this month!)

Thanks again for your prayers and support - making it possible for us to be here, serving God with Crossworld, in Plant City, Florida!

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